with world's first instant cooling headband

Aurox Headband

The Aurox Headband will be the first device to reduce stress and many other
discomforts such as heat or fatigue within seconds - without side effects.
By using precision cooling technology and gentle massaging you get the freedom to
put yourself into PERFORM mode or RELAX mode, as you like. Instantly.

All it takes are three steps: Put it on, switch it on and feel free - ONE, TWO, FREE.

We are sure you wanna know more. But due to confidentiality reasons
we are not able to share detailed information about our project publicly
at the moment, except for the fact, that it will be available in 2018.

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Through our devices, peltier elements are able to control and provide the optimum temperatures that relieve user's discomfort. The cooling areas are placed at the most efficient spots above your forehead and temples and guarantee a smooth and comforting cooling experience. The AUROX HEADBAND affects the upper branch of the trigeminal nerve which has an immediate positive impact on your concentration, performance and wellbeing.